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Occupational Health & Safety

From an occupational health and safety perspective, AccuCorp - both as a company and as individuals - is committed to the health and safety of our fellow employees, other workers, and the general public. We seek to eliminate accidents, injuries, and illnesses to individuals. It is believed that the effective implementation of the guidelines in our "Integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Manual" will achieve this goal.

AccuCorp and its divisions provide all necessary training, supervision, and support to our employees to enable safe and healthy workplaces, and safe and healthy work areas while at premises other than our own. All employees have a duty of care for the health and safety of others within their sphere of influence.

It is important that we communicate and participate in the process of identifying hazards and providing actions to manage them. Communication with our employees, our customers, and all other relevant parties is vital for this and is strongly encouraged.

AccuCorp works together with all our employees and customers and to comply with all applicable OHS legislation to provide a safe working environment for all.

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